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Which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you based on your MBTI (personality test)

MBTI enthusiasts will have a field day after learning that nearly all of the 16 Personality Types are represented in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Along with Demon Slayer Jujutsu Kaisen a newly popular shonen series is anticipated to join the ranks of the most celebrated animes out there. Studio Mappas remarkable commitment to making the shows battle sequences look stunningly amazing is one of the primary reasons for this success.

Using personality markers to categorize fictional characters is an innovative way of comparing and contrasting them. In a similar vein exploring a characters ideas and feelings is a great way of arousing curiosity in readers to learn more about them. To help you with this weve compiled a list of all of the important characters and their corresponding personality types. So get on with it and find your Jujutsu Kaisen MBTI sibling Junpei is an introverted and aloof person who dislikes socializing with others. He has a pessimistic perspective of both society and individuals as a whole much like many other reclusive INFPs. He argues that he is apathetic about people and believes that this is no worse than disliking them.

Though they possess a wide range of talents that may help others INFPs possess negative quirks that can be detrimental to their own wellbeing.This could impair their strengths since they do not learn to deal with or overcome their potential areas of weakness.Despite his brief appearance on screen he made an indelible impression as a true INFP advocate. Junpei is a disturbed INFP who is regularly bullied and abused. His attitude towards people has become more negative and apathetic as a consequence of their treatment.The way a character is influenced makes their actions understandable and believable with regards to their situation.

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