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The Seven Deadly Sins Reveals First Poster for New Sequel Anime

The Seven Deadly Sins has kept a low profile as of late but to the surprise of no one the franchise isnt ready to die out. If you had not heard reports from Japan recently confirmed the anime will carry on with a sequel adapting Four Knights of the Apocalypse. And now the shows first official poster has gone live.

As you can see below the artwork was released alongside the animes official sequel announcement. The team behind The Seven Deadly Sins confirmed the new series is being worked on behind the scenes. So to celebrate fans were given a first look at its hero Percival.The poster highlights the young boy in all his glory and he definitely has some features in common with Meliodas. Their short stature might belay their strength but Percival is certainly strong. His anime design highlights his lime green hair as you can tell and of course the boy is rocking his usual cape as expected. Plus if you look behind his shoulders you will find Meliodas standing nearby.

At this time fans are not sure when Four Knights of the Apocalypse will make its anime debut but the team is working on its episode order right now. Suzuki is still penning new chapters of the sequel under Kodansha and of course you can catch up with the manga through Weekly Shonen Magazine. Four Knights of the Apocalypse is set more then 15 years after the main series as Percival finds himself hunted by the Kingdom of Camelot. The boy learns he is destined to bring about the apocalypse with four others and this sequel follows Percival as he journeys to unite his comrades and snub fate in the face.

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