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Salma Hayek confesses that she uses palo santo, will it be for witchcraft?

The Veracruzana and her daughter Valentina Pinault made a fun dynamic for Vogue magazine.
Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault recently captivated Internet users by showing the inside of their bags and what they carry with them every day this was a fun dynamic for Vogue Mexico magazine In the video you can first see the actress from Veracruz sharing in detail what she keeps in her bag where she was surprised by her simplicity in carrying things that any woman would carry with her but the big difference is that she has an Yves Saint Laurent bag. When showing its interior it was possible to see that he carries his iPad cell phone a Balenciaga brand water thermos snacks wet wipes lip balm hand cream natural oils a notebook scripts of some of the productions where he works his wallet a license to dive.

Salma Hayek is very spiritual

What surprised Salma Hayek is that in her bag she has a couple of spiritual objects that help her cleanse her aura and keep her away from bad vibes as is the case with a piece of palo santo. If I see that there are bad vibes in a place I immediately turn it on and start throwing it everywhere. It smells delicious and yes Im sure it helps with the bad vibes and cleans the places she commented. Sometimes even when there are babies crying I take out my palo santo I put it like this with the smoke and the babies stop crying seriously said the actress who also carries a box filled with phrases from angels in her bag showing that the actress of Frida is very spiritual.

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