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Sabrina Carpenter in cut-out sequin gown says meet me in the bathroom

Sporting a healthy history in the music industry along with her acting success Sabrina has grown to be a hot young star to watch as the 23yearold works to keep up with the rest of the Hollywood stars striving to move up in the ranks The actress helped her status along recently when she displayed her premiere prowess by donning a gown that any Alist actress would covet Sabrina Carpenter wore a sparkly black gown with a sexy cutout on the back Sabrina took to her Instagram page yesterday to share some sizzling shots of her premiere getup which she wore to the red carpet event for her new film Emergency Standing in an elegant powder room shower stall with towering white tiled walls and glass framing the actress captioned the three part series with meet me in the bathroom.

Sabrina first gave a sensual side and back view of her attire standing in the showers doorway to display her sexy silhouette along with the large swatch of her back that was clearly visible in the giant cutout that framed her toned muscles a satin bow tied neatly in the middle for a playful accent Pic number two gave a closeup of Sabrina is upper body and face as she leaned into the two glass panels so that her messy up do and fringed bangs could be seen.

The final shot gave a view of Sabrina is front and back revealing more of her smooth skin within the space of the cutout along with another shot of her face as the actress stood facing a mirror to give two perspectives of her look Sabrina got caught in the middle of drama with Olivia Rodrigo Behind the scenes Sabrina is love life took a dramatic turn around two years ago when she Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett were rumored to be in the middle of a messy love triangle.

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