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Millie Bobby Brown Says Stranger Things 4 Focuses on Eleven Gaining Autonomy

The star added that the new season will feature lots of answers lots of crying lots of laughing With the first half of Stranger Things Season 4 only weeks away the stars of the blockbuster Netflix hit are beginning to hit the press circuit. On Friday night Millie Bobby Brown made an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where she offered some new details about themes fans can expect the show to explore.

Brown was only 12 years old when Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon and launching the child actor on a path to stardom. The actress has grown up in the limelight over the past six years and is now 18 years old and leading other films like Netflix is Enola Holmes. She spoke about the parallels between her own process of growing up and that of her Stranger Things character Eleven. The actress hinted that the upcoming season will explore the ways that Eleven matures and becomes an independent adult in her own right.

The main part and the slogan of this story line is its the beginning of the end Brown said. We really have to dig deep into her beginning and how she became who she is with the people around her and how to gain that autonomy and become this woman on her own. So this story line this season really digs into that.Stranger Things has already been renewed for a fifth season but Netflix has announced that the series will end after that. However there are still plenty of unanswered questions and secrets to be revealed so the show has plenty of ground to cover in the last two seasons.

When Fallon pressed her for details about some of the shows biggest unresolved mysteries the star remained tight lipped. She predicted that fans will have a lot of their questions answered by the end of Season 4 and may experience some intense emotions along the way. Definitely lots of answers she said when asked what to expect in the new season. Lots of crying lots of laughing. Stranger Things Season 4 is set to be released in two volumes on Netflix. The first batch of episodes begin streaming May 27 and the second set will be released July 1.

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