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Matt Damon Is Getting Royally Roasted For Appearing In This Ad

The Super Bowl has become a must see event not just for the football game itself but also for the ads that fill the time between plays. Over the years Super Bowl commercials have evolved from simple beer and car sales to full-out productions featuring A-list stars.

From Matthew McConaughey shilling for Doritos to Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus touting T-Mobile via Fox Sports it seems that no product or celeb is off limits. But it looks like one actor may live to regret the day he agreed to promote a once promising company.Matt Damon yes the Matt of Good Will Hunting Saving Private Ryan the Bourne and Oceans Eleven series and the upcoming movie starred in a 2022 Super Bowl ad for The spot seen here on YouTube featured him walking through a gallery showing explorers mountain climbers one of the Wright Brothers and astronauts about to board a shuttle. History is filled with almosts he intoned.

With those who almost adventured who almost achieved but ultimately it proved to be too much. Damon praised the mere mortals just like you and me who face the thrilling unknown with the four simple words that have been whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans Fortune favors the brave.At the time Matt Damon filmed his Crypto.com Super Bowl ad the cryptocurrency boom was in full swing. The idea sounded promising to folks who either did not trust the banking system or who just liked the idea of being able to invest in virtual money. The idea behind crypto according to Kaspersky is to find a platform like buy the crypto with traditional money and then either use it for regular purchases or hold onto it as an investment.

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