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Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh reveals how show ending was nearly very different

Killing Eve fans were left feeling more than frustrated last month when the fourth and final season of the thriller series came to a brutal end.In the final moments of the highly anticipated finale Villanelle Jodie Comer was tragically shot dead by a sniper just when it seemed as though she and Eve would finally be getting their happily ever after.Sandra Oh who plays Eve Polastri on the hit show has now revealed that the last episode nearly had an alternate ending in which Eve was supposed to die and Villanelle would live.In an interview with Deadline the Greys Anatomy star said Honestly it was going to be the other way around.When I was talking to Laura Neal our head writer that was at the beginning of 2020 and we were chatting about how we were going to end this. I was like You should kill my character. I thought that would be the strongest and the most interesting ending.And not only that I felt emotionally it was the right place of where I was at because at the end of season 3 I just felt like Eve was starting to get into kind of like a nihilistic place and were like Lets just continue that line and lets go straight into it.

The Chair actress went on to explain that the ending was changed when the pandemic shut down production.The pandemic happened and then somewhere in the summertime they came to me and said We cant do it. We need to change it. Eve needs to live.Eve is the way into this world shes our everywoman so its kind of really super depressing if she dies. So we switched it around and Jodie was very much on board with that.As well as the disappointment of fans Killing Eve author Luke Jennings expressed disappointment at the tragic ending to the series promising that Villanelle will be back.Jennings said the ending was a bowing to convention and a punishing of Villanelle and Eve for the bloody erotically impelled chaos they have caused.A truly subversive storyline would have defied the trope which sees same sex lovers in TV dramas permitted only the most fleeting of relationships before one of them is killed off he added.

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