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Jennifer Connelly had good things to say about her love scene with Tom Cruise

Jennifer Connelly may be a newcomer to the Top Gun franchise but she handled the love scene with Tom Cruise like a pro or at least handled a question about the love scene with Tom Cruise like a pro. We focused on the intimacy of how they fit into each others lives.

I think those characters have a really tender relationship the way she understands him. They share a moment in bed chatting and it tells as much about their relationship as the scene that is the preamble to that. Clearly they have some unresolved business between them and she navigates that with humor and playfulness. I feel like she has someone who is positive and is moving toward happiness.Although love scenes according to Variety are not something we see often from Cruise at this stage in his career the same can be said for Connelly. However both are fake love-making legends Connelly perhaps more so. Her Requiem for a Dream sextravaganza is infamous among cinephiles.

Interestingly Connelly expressed more fear about flying with Cruise than getting intimate with him. She had a really crippling fear of flying so she was mortified before he took her up in a tiny P-51 plane during filming. He eased her trepidation by saying as per Connelly Its gonna be very graceful. Very elegant. Very elegant rolls. Its going to be nice and easy.You do not just randomly go back to a franchise after 36 years and make a sequel that anyone would put their money on. Of course if theres anything we have learned about Top Gun Maverick over the past few months it is that nothing about this sequel has been random or on a dime which is probably why the critics are raving about Pete Mitchells long anticipated second outing.

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