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How Kate Middleton And Prince William Are Solidifying Their Friendship With Tom Cruise

Royals love doing everyday things like the rest of us. They go on family outings and even hit the movies. Theres only one little difference they choose red carpet premieres instead of your average movie theatre. Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting all dressed up for a major movie event while simultaneously proving they have some of the coolest friendships on the planet. If you didnt think the royal couple was cool enough already you will soon.

William and Kate have some pretty famous friends. After all Kates grand mother in law is literally the Queen of England. Theres a long list of Alist friends where that came from too. According to Hello the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are close friends with Victoria and David Beckham and even Reese Witherspoon. The list also includes one of Americas favorite film stars Tom Cruise.
Want to know how close they are Well lets just say that the two were invited to a very important event. And this isnt the first gift they have gotten from the star either.

The royals are officially hitting the red carpet again. Its not often that Prince William and Kate Middleton walk a red carpet but thats exactly where they are headed. According to People William and Kate will attend the Top Gun Maverick UK premiere. The Duke of Cambridge is actually a pilot himself so it makes sense that he would be the royal to appear. Prince William is a trained helicopter pilot and served in the Royal Air Force which is a little different than a fighter pilot but still pretty awesome.

William and Kate might not appear at red carpet events often but when they do they do it in style. The couple was at the James Bond No Time To Die movie premiere in 2021. But they are not the only family members that have ties to movies. Queen Elizabeth II was actually in one of the James Bond movies according to TODAY. While just going to the premiere is exciting it will be equally intriguing to see what Prince William and Kate wear on the red carpet. Kates a pro at recycling dresses so fingers crossed she decides to go ecofriendly with her Top Gun Maverick look. The world will find out at the premiere on May 19.

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