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Hollywood actor Jason Statham’s stunning family eyes look at Love Island 2022

The stunning niece of Hollywood actor Jason Statham gazes at Love Island 2022 The roles could be reversed for the Megalodon actor who could be seeing his relative on screen for once instead of him Jessica 31 spoke exclusively to the Daily Star and revealed that she does not see why her Uncle J would not have a problem with her heading to the ITV2 show The new series begins June 6 and will run for ten weeks over the summer She said Its hard to say I do not see why he would have a problem with that he would be more worried about my dad seeing it than Uncle J he does not tend to watch TV I think he would be supportive and tell me to follow what I wanted to do that is how most of my family is.

The dazzling Christmas representative describes herself as quiet but can be fierce and have a quick tongue if pushed Jason is Jessica is fathers younger brother and she often goes out with him on fancy trips Speaking of her family she added We have a very close family its growing now that our cousins Jack and Isabella James have been born Jason is married to supermodel Rosie Huntington Whitely Over the last five years Uncle Jay and his family have started to see us a lot more maybe because hes calmed down a bit In the past we flew to Los Angeles several times where we stayed at his beach house in Malibu wined dined and ate at the best restaurants exclusive private clubs only reserved for the rich and famous We were able to go through all the private back doors at the venues met people who gave us free designer clothes met superstar DJ is and had some amazing after parties.

Jessica has had a taste of the good life with her famous uncle Image Instagram She continued It was amazing to experience that way of life and I could definitely get used to it Jessica currently lives in Gran Canaria and works for Jet2holidays but is definitely open to joining the world of reality TV She explained The kind of shows Id like to be on are Love Island and other Netflix shows like Love Is Blind but Id really be up for any reality show She thinks Jason would support her on the show Image Dave Benett Getty Images for Harpers Bazaar Jessica has not had much luck in love so far and ideally would want the tall dark handsome cliché but she admits it never works out that way She laughed I always end up going to the opposite extreme almost all of my exes have had light hair and blue eyes But I also like a guy who can be ready long before me when he gets out I m a big believer in fate and chance and circumstance when it comes its meant to be I believe that.

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