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Dexter: New Blood GIVEAY

Showtime series Dexter followed the life of forensic investigator Dexter Morgan who works as a blood spatter investigator for the Miami Police Department in the homicide division.

The series ran for eight seasons but the finale has always been the subject of debate. After five excellent seasons the series became more unstable anyway but to then end with the least season and a conclusion that can safely be seen as the low point of the series should not happen of course. The creators must have thought so too so Clyde Phillips the showrunner of the first four seasons was brought in to shape a return. And somehow it was ideal that Dexter had survived the hurricane because by also taking the freedom of a ten-year time jump.

Essential for the return of the character is of course the presence of Michael C. Hall who despite a more than creditable career has become identified with Dexter Morgan. In the years that followed the he was asked again and again would there ever be a sequel? Yet showrunner Phillips also struggled with that question and sought a path to redemption for the character. When he finally put an idea on paper and shared it with Hall he loved it. It became the basis of this one off ten episode revival. All new faces were called upon for the further casting, prompted by Dexters continued life in a new environment. Not that this means we would not see old crowd favorites again. Jennifer Carpenter can be seen again as Debra.

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