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Star Wars: The Best Trios

The upcoming slate of Star Wars TV shows looks set to explore some adored characters as well as some wonderful dynamics (such as that between members of Clone Force 99, Dooku, and Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ahsoka and the Specters). Still, while pairing characters off into duos is the most prominent …

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Stop the presses, somebody actually likes ‘Iron Fist’

Out of all The Defenders — who each have solo ventures available to stream on Disney Plus (originally Netflix) — it’s no secret that Iron Fist received the most backlash upon airing. Iron Fist debuted in March 2017, serving as the fourth Marvel Netflix series behind Daredevil, Jessica Jones and …

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How Snowpiercer Season 3 Can Retcon Melanie’s Death

The death of Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) could be retconned by Snowpiercer season 3 but how will TNT’s post-apocalyptic series bring the Chief Engineer back? Snowpiercer season 2 ended with a pirate group led by Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Melanie’s daughter Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard) discovering that Melanie sacrificed her …

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The Truth About Cara Delevingne’s Sexuality

As revealed by ELLE Australia, Cara Delevingne identifies as pansexual. In an interview with Variety, the “Only Murders In The Building” star stated, “I fall in love with the person — and that’s that. I’m attracted to the person.” Rolling Stone defines being pansexual as loving someone regardless of their …

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