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Frozen 2: Every Song on the Soundtrack, Ranked

The Frozen 2 soundtrack is full of catchy tunes, but some are better than others. From Into the Unknown to Show Yourself, here’s where they rank. “Let it Go” might not be on the Frozen 2 soundtrack, but still the album was a chart-topping masterpiece with memorable, award winning songs. …

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Brad Pitt has never been single as long as he is now

Film fans used to be there live when Brad Pitt 58 fell in love. Christina Applegate 50 Juliette Lewis 48 Gwyneth 49 Angelina Jolie 46 He met all of them while shooting together. Only with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston 53 was it different ​​the two were paired up through his …

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Who Is Avatar 2’s Villain: Na’vi, Humans Or Both?

The trailer and synopsis for Avatar 2 fail to identify the films villain but the most likely nature of its antagonist is surprisingly interesting.The exact identity of Avatar 2s villain has yet to be revealed but the trailer and synopsis offer evidence as to exactly who will act as the …

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