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Lost in Space: Why ‘Lightyear’ Doesn’t Quite Take Off

Buzz Lightyear Revisited As in ‘Toy Story’ 27 years ago, Buzz Lightyear enters the film ‘Lightyear’ in full swing. Once again, Buzz (Chris Evans) lands on “a strange planet” where “the terrain is a bit unstable,” this time accompanied by Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba), his commander who teases him about …

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What does a Catholic priest think about ‘Midnight Mass’?

What does a Catholic priest make of “Midnight Mass”? Is the show, which premiered in September on Netflix, anti-Catholic? Viewers of all faiths will have questions about Mike Flanagan’s new show, but Catholics in particular may be wondering how a horror show so draped in Catholic imagery should be assessed …

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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Not Acceptable

Now that the Aldersons officially have access to the servers, they need one of the higher-ups to log on. Which brings us back to Olivia Cortez, Elliot’s Christmas Eve hook-up from a few episodes back. Sorry if you thought these two broken kids were cute together, because Elliot’s willing to …

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