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The Good Doctor Review The Good Lawyer

And The Good Doctor opened the doors for a spin-off and let’s say it did very well, at least to my liking, in what is called a backdoor for the pilot of the next series. The way she was introduced to The Good Lawyer , her OCD and everything else, won me over, and it’s all thanks to Kennedy McMann ( Nancy Drew ) and also her mentor, here Emmy winner Felicity Huffman .

This episode was written by David Shore and Liz Friedman , creators of The Good Doctor and it is impossible not to think of the possibility of The Good Lawyer as an inspiration, in the also Korean series An Extraordinary Lawyer , remembering that The Good Doctor herself is based on a k-drama.

The series showed Shaun being processed by a patient who had his hand amputated and he argues for a medical error, as the ambulance for the rescue was nearby, and the whole drama is presented from the point of view of Joni (McMann), and it is she who ends up “stealing” the case from his mentor Janet (Huffman), after talking to Shaun and they having a connection due to being different.

Joni is methodical, she has to do some things 3 times because in her mind, if she doesn’t do that something really bad will happen, so she has to do three taps, or arrange things around her. We see how this gets in her way right at the beginning, when she can’t make a count of the squeaking of a chair, but we soon see how she gets attached to the details of things.

I really liked how The Good Doctor put Joni seeing and inside the scene that is told to her, and with her having the photos, she manages to find things “wrong” in the narrative, following the mold of the mother series a little, but promising that in the spin -off we will have something similar. It’s worth noting that ABC has yet to confirm the series solicitation. The episode also exposed that Joni’s trauma came after her father’s death and her mother’s near arrest, and it was in Janet’s view that she ended up having her as a mentor, thus deciding to become a lawyer, just as it was with Shaun and Glassman.

The course of the episode is interesting, Joni’s connection with Shaun is very good, and it’s impossible not to want more of this partnership, and hope that Joni and Janet stay in the series, even if The Good Lawyer ends up not being requested . The Good Doctor keeps growing in its episodes, and leaving us satisfied with the episodes and their plots. Now it’s just waiting for The Good Lawyer to do well…


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