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Schitt’s Creek Cast & Character Guide

Eugene and Dan Levy created and starred in the award-winning Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, and they’re joined by a stellar cast of comedic actors.

Created by father and son Eugene and Dan Levy, what made Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek so special were the cast and the characters. The show centered on the Rose family after they lost riches, landing them in the titular town until they could land on their feet. Being in a small town changed the family in more ways than one and introduced them to a hilarious group of locals who that taught them more about life than they ever would have learned when they were wealthy. Living in close quarters at a rundown motel brought the once-distant family closer as they leaned on each other for support.

Schitt’s Creek ended after season 6, at the height of its popularity. Though it initially debuted on Canadian network CBC, Schitt’s Creek’s arrival on Netflix is truly what made it a pop culture icon. From “Ew, David!” to “bébé”, the sitcom was full of quotable, social media-friendly catchphrases. As Schitt’s Creek increased in viewership, it was more recognized at major awards shows. At the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, the show broke a record by sweeping all the major categories, including four acting wins for its talented cast.

Eugene Levy As Johnny Rose
On Schitt’s Creek, Eugene Levy played the doting husband and lovable dad, Johnny Rose. It was thanks to Johnny and his successful franchise of video rental stores that the Roses gained their millions in the first place, giving them a cushy living in a beautiful mansion. When the Roses lost their fortune because of a bad business manager who embezzled their money, Johnny leaned on his family for support before realizing they weren’t as close as he thought. Throughout Schitt’s Creek, Johnny eventually grew as a parent and businessman when his business plan for the motel turned into a successful franchising opportunity.

Levy was one of the more recognizable cast members of Schitt’s Creek considering his decades-old career. He has starred in classics like Best In Show and Father of the Bride 2, but he’s also been a part of the American Pie franchise and Pixar’s Finding Dory.

Catherine O’Hara As Moira Rose
If a revival of Schitt’s Creek were to work, Catherine O’Hara would have to come back as Moira Rose. As the matriarch of the family, Moira was more concerned about her career and her wigs than her family. Her big ego kept her from knowing her daughter’s middle name and remembering details about her son’s life. As was the case with her husband Johnny, Schitt’s Creek changed Moira for the better and she became a more accepting and loving person because of it. Moira supported Johnny’s attempt at franchising the motel they stayed in, but she had higher hopes of reviving her once-successful acting career.

Outside of every wig Moira wore, O’Hara made Moira a star for her unique dialect and reactions to the mundane. Just like Eugene Levy, O’Hara has been acting and doing comedy since the ‘70s, and while Schitt’s Creek won her a Primetime Emmy for an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series as Moira Rose, she’s also known for her time in the Home Alone series.

Dan Levy As David Rose
Dan Levy portrayed David Rose, the anxious and neurotic son who wanted to please his parents and protect his selfish sister while trying to focus on his former art galleries. David was more present than Alexis and was the first member of the Rose family to do something productive about their new reality: he got a job, and would eventually own a local business. In his personal life, he found friendship with motel receptionist Stevie Budd, and David’s relationship with Patrick Brewer saw him stay in Schitt’s Creek, the town Johnny originally bought him as a joke. Schitt’s Creek has been the biggest project Levy’s career. From creating to writing to acting, Levy was attached to most aspects of the series. After Schitt’s Creek, Levy landed a role in Happiest Season, Q-Season, and Sex Education.

Annie Murphy As Alexis Rose
Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose was perfect casting. Alexis was the stereotypical spoiled rich girl who got everything she wanted and was rarely turned down. Moving to Schitt’s Creek was a shock for Alexis as she lost her friends and boyfriend because she no longer had status or affluence. In reality, Alexis had a lot to offer but needed the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek to inspire her to do more with her life. Alexis’ ending changed her on Schitt’s Creek as she became a more selfless and responsible character.

Schitt’s Creek skyrocketed Murphy’s career. It landed her the starring role in comedy series Kevin Can F**k Himself and a part in Russian Doll. Schitt’s Creek is Murphy’s most successful project to date, and it saw her win many awards, from an Emmy to a SAG.

Chris Elliott As Roland SchittActor and comedian Chris Elliott was well-established before Schitt’s Creek, but the series made his role as Roland Schitt even more famous. Roland was the town mayor and was very dedicated to its residents. He tried being helpful to the Roses but there was always some underlying jealousy and spite between him and Johnny. But Roland gave some good advice to Johnny to help him fit in Schitt’s Creek better, proving that he wanted the best for his town.

Elliott has been in the TV and movie industry since the ’80s. He eventually landed some big comedic roles in Groundhog Day, There’s Something About Mary, and recurring parts on sitcoms Everybody Loves Raymond and How I Met Your Mother. At the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards, Elliott took home Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role or Guest Role in a Comedic Series for his time as Roland.

Emily Hampshire As Stevie Budd
Emily Hampshire was a standout as David’s best friend and motel receptionist, Stevie Budd. Stevie was a local of Schitt’s Creek and had been there all her life. She didn’t love living there but that all changed when Stevie became the owner of the motel. With Johnny’s help, owning the motel and franchising it gave Stevie purpose and something to look forward to. Outside of the motel, Stevie once judged the Roses and made fun of their privilege and pretentiousness, but they soon became the family she never had. Hampshire’s role as Stevie Budd saw her win multiple Canadian Screen Awards. Once Schitt’s Creek ended, Hampshire appeared in other projects like The Rig, The End of Sex, and Chapelwaite.

Jennifer Robertson As Jocelyn Schitt
Jennifer Robertson’s Jocelyn Schitt was everything Roland wasn’t. As Roland’s wife, Jocelyn was soft-spoken and kind without the condescension her husband spewed. Schitt’s Creek may have been named after her husband’s family, but the town was as much hers as it was his because of her pride. She was a dedicated teacher and member of society as the leader of the town’s a cappella group, the Jazzagals. And as different as she and Moira were, they became close friends, and Jocelyn helped make the Roses see how important their small town was.

In 2021, Robertson and the cast of Schitt’s Creek won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at that year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Prior to Schitt’s Creek, Robertson had several film and TV credits to her name, including Degrassi: The Next Generation, but it was her role as Jocelyn that made her a star. From there she was cast in Netflix’s Single All The Way and has an important role in Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia.

Noah Reid As Patrick Brewer
The Schitt’s Creek series finale had a happy ending for Noah Reid’s Patrick Brewer. Patrick first appeared in season 3 when David approached him about opening a business in Schitt’s Creek. The calm and responsible Patrick was David’s polar opposite, which was what started their attraction. He soon became business partners with David before an inevitable romance between the two began. Patrick went on to be one of the most influential people in David’s life, giving him stability and the ability to trust again. He also became a member of the Rose family when he and David got married.

Reid has been acting since the ’90s and is most known for voicing Franklin in the Franklin the Turtle series. In the early 2000s he made his way into more movies before landing a role in Schitt’s Creek. However, it was Reid singing “Simply the Best” to David as Patrick that got him more focused on his music career after how popular that scene became.

Dustin Milligan As Ted Mullens
Ted Mullens was the town vet and Alexis’ main love interest. He fell hard for her and proposed too soon, which scared Alexis into turning him down. Ted focused on work and matured before revisiting another relationship with Alexis, which turned out better than the first attempt. Thanks to Ted’s logical mind, he helped guide Alexis on the right path through school and work. And while Alexis and Ted don’t end up together, they’re one of the best couples. Dustin Milligan was nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy in 2020 for his role of Ted, and while he didn’t win, he did land roles after the series in The People We Hate at the Wedding and Rutherford Falls.

Schitt’s Creek Supporting Cast
Tim Rozon As Mutt Schitt: Mutt Schitt was Roland and Jocelyn’s oldest son. However, the Roses didn’t know they were related because Mutt wasn’t associated with his family due to a rift with his dad. In the early seasons, Mutt and Alexis hit it off, but they quickly realized they were better off as friends. Schitt’s Creek never explained what happened to Mutt Schitt, but he disappeared from the show after landing a role in the successful series Wynonna Earp. He’s also been in several TV movies, the Terror Train franchise, and stars as Luke Roman in SurrealEstate.

Sarah Levy As Twyla Sands: Sarah Levy’s lovable Twyla Sands was the waitress at Café Tropical and provided an open ear when the family needed to vent. Twyla became close with Alexis but she created a sweet bond with Johnny. In the final season, it was revealed Twyla had won millions of dollars in the lottery but never told anyone. It was questioned why Twyla didn’t buy Schitt’s Creek or help the Roses but she knew they would find themselves without her help. In real life, Sarah Levy is Dan Levy’s sister and Eugene Levy’s daughter. Like her former co-star Tim Rozon, she currently stars in SurrealEstate.

Karen Robinson As Ronnie Lee: The no-nonsense Ronnie Lee was an active member of the Jazzagals, where she got to know Moira. As the town counselor, she didn’t care for the drama that the Roses brought to town but found herself enjoying Moira and Johnny’s company. Karen Robinson nailed her portrayal of Ronnie and went on to have a successful career after Schitt’s Creek, appearing in A Million Little Things, Pretty Hard Cases, and The Calling among others.

John Hemphill As Bob Currie: Bob Currie is Schitt’s Creek’s go-to mechanic who owns the local car repair shop. Bob is a happy-go-lucky guy who was also a member of the town council. A small detail of this Schitt’s Creek character is that he’s typically jogging into every store or conversation, without explanation. And as timely and kind as Bob is, Johnny is often annoyed by him. Hemphill hasn’t appeared in any projects since Schitt’s Creek ended, but he’s been acting since the early ’80s, appearing in Maniac Mansion and RoboRoach.


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