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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 Will Have 1 Big Character Tragedy

The Handmaid’s Tale season 6 will end the Hulu series, implying that the final batch of episodes will feature one big character tragedy. The Handmaid’s Tale is no stranger to dark and upsetting moments, with the series overall being a depressing exploration of an oppressive theocratic society. However, The Handmaid’s Tale season 6 may push the bar when it comes to tragedy, with one character meeting an undeservingly sad fate.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 ended on a big downer, with June having to flee her refugee country of Canada due to increasing xenophobia against Gileadean refugees. June is split up from her husband, Luke, and is forced to board a train with her baby, Nichole. It is uncertain what season 6 holds for June and her child, but it is doubtful that things will get better. The ending of The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 shows that Nichole is all June has left, but even that may not last in season 6.

June & Baby Nichole May Get Split Up In Handmaid’s Tale Season 6
June and Nichole in The Handmaids Tale Season 4
Although June and her baby Nichole haven’t been together long, they may get split up in The Handmaid’s Tale season 6. In The Testaments, Nichole is 16 years old, with the character’s name having been changed to Daisy. She is living with adopted parents and has no knowledge of her birth mother, June. This implies that she was separated from June at a very young age, so young that she can’t even remember it. Since baby Nichole is already at least a year old, there isn’t a whole lot of time left to split the two up.

There’s no telling what timeframe The Handmaid’s Tale season 6 will take place over, but it’s entirely possible that the final season could explain and show why Nichole and June were separated. After all, June is now stuck with Serena Joy, the villainous wife at her former home who believes that Nichole is her daughter. It’s entirely possible that Serena could have Nichole taken away from June in season 6, tragically setting up the events of The Testaments.

Nichole Plays A Huge Role In The Testaments
June and Nick from The Handmaid’s Tale sitting together by a window, doting over Nichole
Nichole’s separation from June can’t be written out of The Handmaid’s Tale season 6, as the character plays a huge role in The Testaments. Hulu has already announced that it will adapt The Testaments into a sequel series, presumably sticking close to the 2019 book. In the novel, 16-year-old Nichole is a key figure in the story, acting as a revolutionary much like her mother.

The Testaments sees Nichole join forces with Aunt Lydia and her older sister Hannah in order to continue fighting against Gilead. Nichole is tasked with smuggling info across the border between Gilead and Canada, which may be more blurred after the events of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Although she doesn’t know that June is her mother for most of the book, they are finally reunited near the end, possibly giving a happy ending to baby Nichole’s tragic The Handmaid’s Tale story.


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