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Kanye West won’t be charged for throwing ‘female fan’s cellphone

Kanye West has recently been making headlines after it’s reported that he won’t be charged for “grabbing and tossing” a fan’s cellphone. According to TMZ, a press release from the Ventura Co District Attorney’s Office shared that the fan’s phone “suffered minor damages, only affecting the case around the device”.

The press statement also mentioned that the fan refused to press charges against Kanye, who legally changed his name to Ye. In January, the Donda rapper had an argument with a female fan for recording him from her car. In the footage, Ye could be seen reaching into her car and grabbing the woman’s mobile and then then threw it on the street. It’s reported that the same clip also showed the rapper calling out to a paparazzi to stop “clicking pictures”. Following this incident, Kim Kardashian was also asked about Ye “tossing” a fan’s cellphone. Kardashian then responded, “Do not talk to me about that in front of my kids.”


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