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Wolf Pack Gives Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kristin Ramsey a Tragic Backstory

On Wolf Pack, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kristin Ramsey has a backstory filled with tragedy that recontextualizes her entire role in the series.

On Wolf Pack, many of the events of the current wildfire have their roots in an earlier wildfire that spread about 18 years before. In that wildfire, Garrett Briggs found Luna and Harlan when they were cubs. In Episode 6, “After Party,” Malcolm, a former firefighter, claims that a werewolf killed his crew during that same fire after they killed a wolf themselves. From this story, the pack learned that werewolves can be transformed when they become burned with fire, leading to attacks like the current werewolf’s rampage.

This past wildfire is also the heart of Kristin Ramsey’s tragic backstory. In Episode 7 “Lion’s Breath,” Kristin’s flashback reveals the truth: she was the werewolf that killed the firefighters in order to protect her pack. This flashback provides more context for Kristin’s shocking turn in Episode 5 “Incendiary” and her own actions throughout her arson investigation. The flashback also has surprise implications for twists for the finale, including the possibility that Kristin may actually be Harlan and Luna’s biological mother.

Kristin Ramsey’s Tragic Flashback Reveals That She Is Secretly a Werewolf
Before discussing Kristin’s flashback, Malcolm’s story in “After Party” provides important context for her memories and key information on lycanthropy in the world of Wolf Pack. Malcolm explains that he and a small crew — including Cyrus Nicks’ father — split off to try to contain the fire, but a wolf blocked their path to the safety zone. Even though this wolf did not attack them, Malcolm explains that they tried to scare and then kill the wolf. The wolf was seemingly immune to their attacks, including bullets, but they managed to knock the wolf unconscious. When the firefighters dragged the wolf into the fire, the wolf transformed into a werewolf. Before the wolf could attack, the ridge collapsed, taking the werewolf with it. However, as Malcolm revealed, this werewolf was not the only werewolf in the woods.

In “Lion’s Breath,” Kristin’s flashback picks up where Malcolm’s story ends. After her partner’s presumed death, the firefighters find Kristin in her wolf form, but she quickly transforms into a bipedal werewolf form. In her anger, Kristin goes on her own rampage, killing all the firefighters except for Malcolm, who ran away. After her revenge, Kristin collapses on the ground and transforms back into a more human form as the rain begins to fall. While Kristin does transform between forms with ease, the flashback does not make it clear whether she truly loses herself during her revenge since she is able to stop herself and return to her human form.

Kristin’s flashback recontextualizes her entire role in the series so far and her arson investigation. While her questioning of witness accounts of the werewolf seem rooted in skepticism at first, her evidence board of accounts could be seen as her keeping track of who might pose a threat to her pack. Her murder of the security guard in “Incendiary” becomes an act to protect herself as well as Baron from discovery as well. Overall, Kristin’s lycanthropy shows that she became an arson investigator in part to give her the ability to obfuscate and hide information since werewolf transformations intersect with fire in the first place.

Kristin Ramsey’s Lycanthropy Hints at Shocking Twists in Wolf Pack’s Season Finale
This flashback possibly confirms that Kristin is in fact the werewolf Baron’s mother, and he would have inherited his lycanthropy from his parents. Luna and Harlan already believe that Baron is possibly their sibling. Therefore, Kristin’s memories also imply another shocking twist: Kristin may be Harlan and Luna’s biological mother, and they likely were separated during the fire.

This possibility recontextualizes all of Kristin’s scenes with Garrett. Throughout the series, she has often asked him about his relationship with his children while sharing her own stories about her struggles with her son. While on the surface, these scenes seemed to be character bonding moments between the two, with this new information, she also may have been trying to subtly see whether Garrett has been a good parent for Harlan and Luna. As their mother, she would be invested in their well-being. So far, Kristin seems to approve of Garrett as a father, and she has been supportive of him even when he discusses his struggles with Harlan. She even stated that her son “could have used a father like [Garrett],” confirming that she believes that he has been a good influence on them.

Overall, Kristin’s lycanthropy reveal recontextualizes her entire role on the show and provides new possibilities for the finale. At the end of “Lion’s Breath,” the wolf pack attempted to save Baron through a complicated plan that may have worked if they had not been betrayed by Austin Kirk, who stabbed Baron with a silver-coated dagger instead. Coupled with Kristin’s lycanthropy reveal, Baron’s death could have major ramifications for the season finale. While Kristin currently seems to approve of Garrett’s parenting of Luna and Harlan, she may change her tune now that she possibly has lost Baron forever. Kristin has already gone to murderous lengths to protect Baron and her family before. With Baron’s possible death, she may refocus this energy on Harlan and Luna as the wolf pack continues to seek the truth about the arson, lycanthropy and their own identities as the season comes to a close.


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