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When is Casey returning to Chicago Fire? Which episode?

Severide (Taylor Kinney) leaving was bad news, but Casey (Jesse Spencer) returning is undeniably good news. Chicago Fire has parted ways with one of its legacy characters but managed to revive another, and it bodes for some interesting episodes on the back end of season 11.

Since Fire is currently on hiatus, some fans might be wondering how long they will have to wait to see Casey in action. Will it be several episodes until he’s written into the show? Did the last minute reveal lead to him being shoehorned into an upcoming release?

When is Jesse Spencer returning to Chicago Fire?
There’s good and bad news. The latter is that Fire will be on hiatus for another week, before resuming its normal time slot on Wednesday, March 22. Fans have had to do lots of waiting for new episodes in 2023, but it looks as though it will keep up a good release pace once it comes back.

The good news is that fans will not have to wait long at all for Casey’s return. According to Deadline, the character will be in the episode airing Wednesday, April 5, which means it will be the second episode the airs following PD‘s return.

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Details on the story remain under wraps, especially with regards to why Casey is back or how long he plans on being back, but it’s good to know that little time will be wasted before he’s brought back into the mix.

Fire showrunner Derek Haas has been transparent about his desire to bring Casey back, and he made it clear that he’s maintained a good relationship with Jesse Spencer despite his leaving the show. This was confirmed by the fact that Spencer agreed to come back for the season 10 finale and even make a vocal cameo in another episode.

We can’t wait to see how the character will be implemented, and how his return will impact the characters who have remained at the 51.


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