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‘This Is Us’ may be the last great watercooler show of our time

After six seasons, many plot twists, countless tissues and extreme visceral reactions, “This Is Us,” the NBC drama that changed the way TV depicts family, has signed off for good. In an era when it feels like most buzzworthy shows burst on the scene on a streaming service and viewers can watch an entire season in the time it takes to down a carton of Häagen-Dazs, “This Is Us” emerged as a refreshing outlier.

This Is Us – Season 6
The concept of appointment TV has become as much of a relic as a black-and-white set with an antenna, but “This Is Us” retained that quality. It was watercooler television in an era when people don’t necessarily congregate at the watercooler anymore, thanks to the pandemic, but it still drew in viewers as part of a communal experience which led people to ask Did you see ‘This Is Us’ last night? via text or their social platforms. “We might be one of the last watercooler appointment television shows,” star Jon Huertas told TODAY in a phone interview. “But I think it all comes down to the story and the writing and putting together the perfect cast.”


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