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Steve Harvey Says Foreigners Should Visit Ghana First When They Come To Africa, He Explains Why In Video

Famous African-American comedian, Steve Harvey, has instructed anyone who plans to visit Africa to make sure they go to Ghana as their first choice. Speaking to a large US gathering in a video that was remade by the WaleTheWave1 on their Instagram handle, Steve was seen speaking passionately as he tried to undo all the bad perception people in the diaspora have about Africa. “Forget everything you’ve ever heard,” Steve said at the very beginning of the video which has gone viral on Instagram with several thousands of likes and reactions. The famous US comedian then added that after Ghana, tourists should move straight to Botswana, which is blessed with many natural resources, including diamonds.

“When you go to Africa, you have to go to Ghana first. Then you need to go to Botswana. They are the second biggest diamond-producing country in the world. And then you have to go to Johannesburg”, he said. Steve Harvey also told the massive gathering that many aspects of the African-American culture were gotten from Africa, which is the real source of everything. In his words: “They’re the beat, they’re the soul and they are the hard work, we get our courage from Africans. When you see those people (Africans) they look just like your family.
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Steve Harvey praises Ghana police for being safe on the road
Meanwhile, the well-known African-American TV personality and comedian complimented Ghanaian police for making his nation a safe place to live. In a recent interview, Steve discussed his interactions with Ghanaian law enforcement while on vacation there. He said that whenever the police pull him over, he gets a warning, or he pays them $100 and leaves.


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