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Kristen Stewart: how she metamorphosed between Twilight and her role as Lady Di

The star of the Twilight saga has changed a lot since her role as Bella Swan… Back in pictures with Closer on her impressive physical transformation.

After having made a small return on the incredible transformation of Robert Pattinson between his role of Edward Cullen and that, much more recent, of Bruce Wayne in The Batman , we look at the one who gave him the reply in all the films : Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan. However, if it was in 2008 that the American actress became known in a blockbuster known throughout the world, Kristen Stewart’s acting career had begun long before that. With a mischievous little smile and already short hair, it was in 2002 that KStew made her first red carpet for the film Panic Room in which she gave the reply to Jodie Foster at only 12 years old.

A year later, it was opposite Sharon Stone that she found herself in The Devil’s Throat . She then went on to film with a few main roles, but it was obviously in 2008 and thanks to her role in Twilight that Kristen Stewart’s popularity exploded . At the time, the young woman now engaged to her partner Dylan Meyer finds herself thrown on the front of the stage and followed everywhere by the paparazzi. Far from being a fan of all that attention, she adopts a laid-back style that fits her teenage persona in Twilight — she actually dates co-star Robert Pattison on screen and in life.


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