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Krillin’s Super Battle With Gohan Confirms How Humans Can Beat Saiyans

Krillin’s ability to hold off Gohan in Dragon Ball Super speaks volumes about the ability of Earthlings to defeat the Saiyans in combat.

In the world of Dragon Ball, Krillin has come a long way as a warrior. Through training with Goku and Master Roshi, he has attained a new mental state, his “State of Selflessness,” and has proven a major threat, even to powerful heroes like Gohan.

Goku and Gohan were both under the impression that the Tournament of Power would be all about raw strength, but Krillin quickly dispelled this notion. His remarkable agility and maneuverability put Gohan on the defensive, and he was able to bring out his new technique: the Solar Flare x100. This technique, originally belonging to Tien Shinhan, has been significantly improved by Krillin through his mastery of ki. His abilities have evolved to the point where he’s capable of shutting down all of Gohan’s senses, even with his eyes protected. In order to do so, Krillin’s ki being channeled through the Solar Flare x100 should have been enough to suppress Gohan’s gargantuan ki reserves.

Krillin’s Newest Form Grants Him A Unique Strength
This is especially significant, considering that the same Gohan was fighting off a Majin Buu-level warrior in Lavender while completely blinded just a couple of episodes prior. Krillin’s mastery over his abilities proves that Earthlings, despite their lower power levels compared to Saiyans, have the potential to take them on. Their unique movepools and mastery of ki give them a crucial advantage in battle, and Gohan’s inability to combat Krillin’s technique confirms this. Historically, Goku and Vegeta have both been incredibly strategic combatants, with both of them having a vast array of techniques at their disposal. As time has passed, however, especially in Dragon Ball Super, both fighters have been “dumbed down.” Gohan himself has never had quite as large a movepool and the three main Saiyans together currently seem slightly lacking when it comes to inventiveness.

Krillin’s Solar Flare x100 Is Strong Enough To Fight Gohan
It’s worth noting that Krillin’s success against Gohan is a testament to his decades of experience as a martial artist. Krillin was once considered one of the weaker warriors in Dragon Ball, but his training and determination have helped him reach new heights. Krillin’s battle with Gohan also highlights the importance of mental strength in the world of Dragon Ball. Krillin’s State of Selflessness allowed him to push past his limits, accessing new levels of power that he never thought were possible. This mental strength, combined with his physical abilities, made him a formidable opponent for even someone as powerful as Gohan. The new shift towards mental abilities also puts the Earthlings in a favorable light. Krillin’s State of Selflessness is entirely mental in nature, and this means that the other Earthlings like Tien and Yamcha don’t have to experience great shifts in physical strength just to catch up.

Krillin’s battle with Gohan confirms that Earthlings, despite their lower power levels, have the potential to take on Saiyans. Their mastery of ki and diverse array of moves give them a crucial advantage in battle, and Krillin’s performance serves as a testament to the value of hard work and dedication. This battle has also shown that mental strength plays a significant role in the world of Dragon Ball. Fans can look forward to seeing Dragon Ball’s Krillin continue to grow as a warrior, so that he can be just as much of a threat as powerhouses like Gohan.


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