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Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Michael Cera And More From The Cast Of Superbad, Then And Now

Superbad is arguably one of the best coming of age comedies of our time sporting stars like Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, and Seth Rogen. Somehow over 15 years have now passed since the movie’s premiere, and so much has happened to the stars.

Fighting for what’s right! Many Hollywood actresses have utilized their platforms to try and close the gender pay gap and advocate to be compensated the same as their male counterparts. Michelle Williams was put at the forefront of the situation when it was revealed in January 2018 that she was paid less than $1,000 to reshoot scenes in All the Money in the World, while her costar Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million. While the Greatest Showman actress did not immediately respond to the drama, many fellow women in Hollywood fired back on her behalf.

Recently, social media has been buzzing with praise for Jonah Hill’s new Netflix documentary, Stutz, a film about his profound journey with his therapist. And let’s not forget Emma Stone’s thrilling performance in Cruella, which even earned her a sequel deal. Seth Rogen has also been making headlines with his comments about how no one has made a good high school movie since Superbad. Take a look at these throwback cast member photos from the Superbad premiere compared to images of them now.


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