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Jennifer Lopez’s revelation about her twins’ different lives and personalities will surprise you

The star is married to Ben Affleck but shares her two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

They may be twins, but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s children aren’t as alike as you’d think they’d be. Emme and Max – who recently turned 15 with a celebration which can be seen in the video below – have grown up in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight with very famous parents. While many believe Emme is the extrovert of the two, having dueted with their mom on stage and appearing far more often in photos and interviews, JLo says that isn’t the case. From the outside it appears Max shies away from attention, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Jennifer described her children’s differences to the Latin Times and said: “Their personalities are beautiful; they’re like yin and yang. They stay true to who they were from when they were born.” She continued: “Emme is like a mini-me; Max is really like a mini-Marc. They’re complete opposites. But Emme’s like super focused and super sensitive, quiet and focused and he’s kind of off the charts, lots of energy, super funny.” Emme reiterated their mom’s words when they were interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about their book, Lord Help Me: Inspiring Prayers.

They were asked about their relationship with their brother and admitted they have challenges just like any siblings. OK, so my brother, he’s crazy sometimes,” they said. “He’s very loud in a good way of course, sometimes. Yeah, so he’s a challenge to get along with ’cause he’s my brother.” They do have a number of similarities when it comes to their talents as both are following in their parents’ footsteps and love music. Max is more focused on acting, however, and made his debut in his mom’s movie, Marry Me, last year.

Whatever avenue they chose to take, Jennifer – who is married to Ben Affleck – says she will support them. I know that from being an artist myself. Nobody can stop me from doing what I love to do,” she told ET. On their 15th birthday Jennifer also gushed over them on social media and wrote a sweet tribute. I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”


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