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BBC Peaky Blinders game ‘like an extended episode of the show’ in rave reviews

Steven Knight, Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson all returned to work on Peaky Blinders: The Kings Ransom game BBC Peaky Blinders: The Kings Ransom has been hailed as an “extended episode of the TV show” in reviews. Show creator Steven Knight helped to develop the story for the game. The game also saw Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson return to voice Tommy and Arthur Shelby. This comes after series six concluded last year.

In the game, fans will play as Sammy Taylor – an aspiring Peaky Blinder who begins working for Tommy. Set in 1928, Sammy lives and works in Small Heath. Sammy has spent the last 10 years hiding from the authorities due to an unspecified desertion incident in the First World War. In his first meeting with Tommy – now an MP Sammy hopes that by working for him, he can get the authorities off his back. The game also features iconic locations including the Garrison pub and the Shelby family betting shop. It also allows you to travel to London. Reviewing the game, the Metro wrote: “The King’s Ransom’s plot is easily good enough to stand alongside the show and is without doubt the game’s strongest point.”

The glowing review continued: “It’s the first game which properly lets you navigate through, and make your mark on, the Peaky Blinders universe, in a way that feels natural and authentic. Gaming website 6DOF also added: “You really do feel that you’ve been thrust straight into the TV show. Video Game Chronicles commented: “For headset-owning Peaky Blinder fans, there’s certainly some familiar fun to be had in The King’s Ransom.”


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