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American Horror Story Is Still Missing One Big Horror Theme

American Horror Story has covered various horror themes and has even repeated a couple, but it’s still missing a very popular theme.

American Horror Story has covered different horror themes and creatures over the course of 12 seasons, but it’s still missing one of the biggest and most popular horror themes. American Horror Story has brought a mix of human and supernatural monsters and threats that has made way for some scary storylines, and it all started with Murder House, which used the theme of haunted houses and the ghosts that live in them, as well as why they are trapped in them. American Horror Story moved forward with Asylum, which mixed the horror of a mental institution with the presence of aliens, and the series has since mixed other interesting themes.

After exploring the horrors of a circus, a hotel with ghosts and vampires, cults, and more, American Horror Story saw the approach of the apocalypse and brought together characters from past seasons in Apocalypse, and it has since covered themes like slasher killers and summer camps, more vampires and aliens, and the spread of AIDS in New York City in the 1980s. American Horror Story, then, has had a variety of characters, events, and stories, but it’s still missing one big horror theme: werewolves.

How American Horror Story Could Use Werewolves
Although American Horror Story has had various elements of fantasy in each season, the way the characters and stories are built has given it a feel of realism that, ultimately, is key to the horror factor of the series. As mentioned above, American Horror Story has already incorporated classic horror figures into its universe, such as aliens, vampires (the latter with a couple of differences not only from classic vampires but between them as well), and ghosts, but werewolves have been left behind, for some reason. Werewolves are some of the most popular creatures in horror and pop culture, and while they might seem a bit too fantasy-oriented for American Horror Story, they can still fit in – after all, the series has already covered aliens twice, and they are also very fantasy and sci-fi oriented.

In the universe of American Horror Story, vampires have been the result of mysterious viruses and chemical experiments, while aliens have been experimenting on humans and ghosts have been trapped in different places due to the history of these settings, so adding werewolves shouldn’t be too complicated. Werewolves could be the result of chemical experiments gone wrong or a virus affecting wolves that ended up attacking humans, making way for these mythical creatures. Werewolves are often seen as tragic figures, so having them as the main theme for a future season of American Horror Story can guarantee a very emotional storyline with a good dose of horror.

Did American Horror Story: NYC Tease Werewolves For Season 12?
At the time of writing, American Horror Story is renewed up to its 13th season, and it’s currently preparing for season 12. As expected, there’s already a lot of speculation and a variety of theories on what will the theme be for American Horror Story season 12 and if season 11, NYC, subtly teased it. A Reddit user pointed out a possible werewolf tease in American Horror Story: NYC when the characters mention “cat scratch fever”, though they also admit that it could be a big stretch. The search for clues for American Horror Story’s next theme in NYC continues, but the show should definitely cover werewolves at some point in the near future.


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