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1 Detail Reveals How The Cobra Kai Dojo Can Stay Open In Season 6

One detail from Cobra Kai season 5 explains how the dojo can stay open in the aftermath of Terry Silver’s defeat. What happened in the season 5 finale created the impression that the threat posed by the dojo was finally dealt with, but that may not be the case after all. It’s not impossible that they’ll still be an issue for Daniel, Johnny, and the others until the series ends.

Since the beginning, the Cobra Kai dojo has been integral to the plot. Due to changes in leadership, they’ve gone from being protagonists to the main villains of the series. Starting with season 3, they’ve been the biggest problem facing Johnny, Daniel, and their students. But with Silver’s arrest in the season 5 finale, it appears that for the first time, the show’s principal characters won’t have to worry about the Cobra Kai students causing trouble. That could lead to season 6’s focus being on the preparation for the Sekai Taikai. However, that doesn’t mean the Cobra Kai dojo won’t be part of the equation.

Why Cobra Kai Doesn’t Have To Close In Season 6
cobra kai kim tory
Cobra Kai laid the groundwork for the dojo to have a future without Silver in season 5 when the character met Sensei Kim at the airport. Similar to what he offered Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III, Silver told her she would have 50% of Cobra Kai and also referred to her as his “business partner.” In other words, she wasn’t just helping him run the dojo in season 5; she owns half of it, and for that reason, she could choose to keep Cobra Kai’s doors open, regardless of what happened to Silver. Because of this decision, Cobra Kai has an easy way of keeping the dojo around when the show returns for its sixth and final season.

Of course, Cobra Kai season 5’s ending has created a difficult path for Kim in terms of maintaining a student roster. Silver being exposed seemingly cost Cobra Kai the majority of its students. Even Kyler was seen trying to distance himself from the dojo in the finale. Terry Silver’s arrest was a heavy blow to be sure, but perhaps not one that can’t be overcome. Theoretically, Kim could try to bring in new students and win back those that left by proving that her Cobra Kai will be different.

Cobra Kai’s New Villain Already Has A Reason To Rebuild The Dojo
Kim-Da-Eun on season 5 of Cobra Kai.
As challenging as it would be for Kim to accomplish the task of rebuilding Cobra Kai, the character should be well-motivated to see it through. As season 5 revealed, Kim’s goal is to give attention to her family’s teachings through Cobra Kai. There’s no better way for Kim to get what she wants than to win the competition in Cobra Kai season 6. Since the dojo already earned its spot in the Sekai Taikai tournament, Kim has every reason to keep the dojo open, restore its numbers, and train up her students for their biggest fight ever.


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