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Why Morgan Freeman wore glove on left hand at Oscars with Margot Robbie after accident

Some Oscars 2023 viewers noticed that Morgan Freeman was wearing a black glove on one hand – with many not knowing that he was the victim of a devastating accident in 2008 Morgan Freeman was seen wearing a black glove on his hand at this year’s Academy Awards and it’s all due to a devastating accident. The Hollywood legend, 85, came on stage with The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie at the the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to mark 100 years of Warner Bros.

Addressing his role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Robbie’s most recent character, he joked about “The Dark Night’s Lucius Fox hanging out with the incomparable Barbie”. Some Oscars viewers noticed Freeman’s elbow-length glove – with many not knowing that he was the victim of a devastating accident back in 2008. Freeman has been forced to wear the compression glove on and off for nearly 15 years, but it’s rarely seen during his movies and he usually take it off for promotional photos and videos.

The and Se7en actor was lucky to survive after his vehicle rolled over multiple times after coming off a Mississippi highway and landed in a ditch. Freeman, who had been driving during the terrifying ordeal, was conscious and talking at the scene before being airlifted to hospital with his passenger. The American broke his left shoulder, arm and elbow in the accidents and doctors operated for four hours to repair nerve damage.

While he recovered from his injuries, he was left with a relatively useless left hand and constant pain due to the chronic muscular condition fibromyalgia. I suffered nerve damage and it hasn’t gotten better. I can’t move it,” he explained at the time. “If you don’t move your hand, it will swell up. Do you know you move your hand about a million times a day? He can no longer sail, pilot jets in the way he had before, drive a manual car, ride horses as much, and had to play golf one-handed.

During an interview with Esquire in 2012, interviewer, Tom Chiarella explained: “It hurts when he walks, when he sits still when he rises from his couch, and when he missteps in a damp meadow. More than hurts. It seems a kind of agony, though he never mentions it. Despite surgery to repair nerve damage, he was stuck with a useless left hand. It is stiffly gripped by a compression glove most of the time to ensure that blood doesn’t pool there.

It is a clamp, his pain, an icy shot up a relatively useless limb. Freeman’s glove isn’t usually seen in his movies, but it was on display during his appearance at the Qatar 2022 opening ceremony. Before the first match of the tournament between the host nation and Ecuador, the Hollywood actor delivered a powerful speech to the crowd and millions watching at around the world Freeman got on a stage in the middle of the pitch at Doha’s Al Bayt Stadium to speak to Qatari influencer Ghanim al Muftah.


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