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Who Is Amber Pike From Love Is Blind?

Who Is Amber Pike From Love Is Blind? Bazaar Arabia shares everything you need to know about the reality TV personality Have we finally made it out of reality TV season? Who really knows? But for now, viewers are left wondering who cast members are, whether current or past and Amber Pike is on the radar of Love is Blind fans.

First premiered on the screens of Netflix users around the globe on February 13, 2020, the dating reality TV series created by Chris Coelen was an instant success. As part of a three-week event, the show follows a social experiment where hopeful singles look for love and eventually get engaged – all before meeting in person. For excited fans wondering when Season 4 will premiere, prepare yourselves for some sofa-surfing on March 24, 2023.

Who Is Amber Pike From Love Is Blind?
She was raised in Georgia Amber Pike was born on April 3, 1992, in Augusta, Georgia, USA – making the star an Aries. No information about Amber’s parents can be found yet the reality TV star does have a younger sister named, Rebecca Lynn. In 2015 Amber would graduate from the University of Georgia.

She is ex-military personnel
According to National Today, her job profile on Love is Blind stated Amber was an ‘Ex-Tank Mechanic’ and in the star’s Instagram bio she states she is a ‘GA Army Guard’.

Her casting in Love Is Blind was random
Fans of the popular dating reality TV series will know Amber from the first-ever series that aired in February 2020. The star was paired with Matt Barnett and the couple would ultimately get engaged during their time on the show. According to National Today, during an interview, Amber revealed she received a text message to be on Love is Blind and is still unsure how she got selected.

She wants another wedding
Due to their engagement and their wedding having been held in front of the cameras for the show, the star expressed her desire to have a second wedding ceremony with her husband.


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