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Next James Bond: Tom Hardy fights for success in unexpected 007 change-up

The Next James Bond race continues to hot up as a former frontrunner has just lost his spot to Tom Hardy in the Bond odds.

Daniel Craig stepped down from the James Bond franchise back in 2021 after starring in his final movie, No Time To Die. Since then, the race to become the new-and-improved 007 has been on. While the official announcement about the next actor will likely come within the next year, the Bond odds are fans’ best way of figuring out who’s popular. Tom Hardy was previously a straggler in the pack, but his chances have just improved. Hardy was a favourite for the role of James Bond in 2020 after rumours hit that he had taken some meetings with the Bond bosses behind the scenes.

While these reports were never confirmed nor denied, he quickly became the nation’s favourite British actor primed to take over from Craig. In recent months, however, he has fallen behind in the Bond odds – until now. In new data from Ladbrokes, Hardy has jumped up a few spots to fourth place in the odds with a powerful 9/1 on becoming the 007 successor. This new success for Hardy follows a dip in the odds for one former favourite in the ever-changing Bond odds: Regé-Jean Page. Page hit massive fame in 2020 after the release Netflix’s period drama, Bridgerton, in which he was the main star.

Since then, he has become one of the favourites in the betting, but things have changed drastically for him. He now has a meagre 10/1 on becoming the next James Bond star. This places him neck-and-neck with Jack Lowden, of The Gold and Dunkirk fame. Ahead of both Hardy and Page is James Norton, who recently had a massive boost in the betting following the BBC show Happy Valley, wherein he played the villain. The Brit has a strong 7/2 on claiming the role next. Just ahead of him is the nation’s sweetheart: Henry Cavill.

Cavill previously claimed he would be interested in becoming the next James Bond, however it would have been a struggle for him. He had just signed up to play Superman once again, and was also deep into filming season three of The Witcher. Fortunately for Bond lovers (and unfortunately for Cavill) he is now no longer connected to those franchises. Cavill was recently cut from the DC Studios franchise following a switch-up internally. Around the same time, he bowed out of the role of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. He has since been replaced by Liam Hemsworth. As a result, his odds have improved drastically. He now has stunning 5/2 odds on donning the tuxedo.

At the top of the leaderboard, however, is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The former Marvel actor made headlines earlier this year when reports surfaced he had been meeting with the Bond bosses behind the scenes. Reports claimed he had three meetings and a screen test, making him the most likely candidate around. As a result, he steams ahead with a staggering 13/8 on becoming the next Bond, James Bond.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati said: “Regé-Jean Page has been dealt a crushing blow in the 007 race over the last few weeks… far from flavour of the month, he’s fast-becoming an unlikely outsider, while it’s all smiles for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who has re-established himself at the head of the betting.”


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