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Jesse Spencer will return to “Chicago Fire”

Actor Jesse Spencer, who left “Chicago Fire” at the end of 2021, in season 10, will return to the attraction for a special appearance in the 11th year of the series.

The reason is the departure of another actor from the original cast, Taylor Kinney, interpreter of Kelly Severide, who asked the production for a period of leave to take care of personal problems.According to Variety magazine, Jesse Spencer will return to the skin of Matt Casey in the 18th episode of the 11th season, with the objective of filling the absence of one of the main protagonists of the attraction.

Details about the character’s return have not been released. It’s also not clear if the return will be just a cameo, or if Spencer will become a recurring presence in the American production. Currently, “Chicago Fire” is on hiatus. The series will resume later this month, with the 16th episode airing on March 22. In Brazil, the series is shown on the paid channel Universal and is available in streaming on Globoplay.


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