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‘Captain America: Cold War’ Launches a Battle for Interdimensional Conquest

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY and CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson went their separate ways, each carrying a shield and the mantle of Captain America. However, despite their very different journeys, their paths have led them to the same place: CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR, a crossover event that will make them question everything they believe in…and each other.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR will pay off story threads that have driven both Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Carmen Carnero’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY and Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH, including the surprising return of Ian Rogers, AKA Nomad; Sam Wilson’s intense conflict with Wakanda and White Wolf; and Bucky’s bold new mission as the New Revolution. When Bucky and White Wolf join forces and kidnap Ian Rogers in a twisted plan to unleash Dimension Z, will Steve and Sam see eye to eye on how to set things right? In the end, this milestone chapter in Captain America’s 80-year legacy that will impact both Steve and Sam’s future as shield-bearers.

The new trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR immediately sends Sam and Steve into action alongside their allies Sharon Carter and Misty Knight, while the Outer Rim swoops in over the battle. As Steve glares upwards through fire and debris, the trailer cuts to Bucky offering White Wolf a firm handshake. Together, with a cadre of Super Villains at their side, they’ll set out to achieve interdimensional conquest—no matter who stands in their way.

Captain America: Cold War Trailer
“First, let’s expand the scope—Steve, Bucky and Sam are all woven into the same mythology, the same legacy that is Captain America. As for how we approach it—with humility, obviously, but also with a lifetime of passion for these characters,” Kelly told ComicBook.com. “Returning to the story that we really started in CAPTAIN AMERICA #0, this is our chance to reunite our heroes and do our best to actually move them forward in an impactful, emotional way.”

“This was also an opportunity to dig into an aspect of the mythology that’s been left behind for far too long: Dimension Z,” Lanzing added. “Rick Remender’s landmark run took Steve into some truly bizarre territory and we’re excited to re-engage with it with an eye towards how it challenges Steve Rogers, the recently-returned Ian… and now Sam Wilson as well!” “What’s interesting about Sam is that, even though he’s been a part of the Cap mythos for so long, his interaction with the Marvel Universe as Cap is relatively small,” Onyebuchi said. “Which means there’s all this territory we get to explore, as far as what he means as Cap to different people. That’s some of what made writing the Doom and Deadpool cameos in Sam’s first arc so much fun, same with the T’Challa throwdown.”

“But while much of SYMBOL OF TRUTH has been about carving a path for Sam, Collin and Jackson are absolutely right that all these characters exist in the same pantheon,” he continued. “There’s always going to be the question of how Steve and Sam approach being Cap differently, and COLD WAR has been a wonderful opportunity to really and truly bring that question to the fore. In dramatic, emotional and satisfying fashion.”


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