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These Exciting New Amsterdam Photos Hint at What’s to Come in the Series Finale

We’re getting emotional. Tuesday, January 17 officially marks the jam-packed and sure-to-be emotional series finale of New Amsterdam. The two-hour event will take place across two episodes as we say goodbye to our favorite doctors and hear Max (Ryan Eggold) ask, “How can I help?” for the very last time. (Which also happens to be the title of the last episode.)

“The way that we’re leaving the show is very typical to New Amsterdam [but] not very typical of most TV shows,” Tyler Labine (Iggy) told Cinema Blend. “It’s not going to be spoon-fed, ‘Here’s the answer to everything.’ It’s more like a very nurturing and caring hug, as we gently nudge you out into the world. There’s a lot of care and a lot of thought that’s going into what happens for these people. The whole story can never be told. We can give you some pieces and say ‘Here, take that,’ and hopefully that will make you happy.”

In preparation for the bittersweet end of this beloved medical drama, below are a handful of photos from the finale. And they offer some pretty big hints about what to expect for a few characters. A hint? Reynolds and Iggy look pretty happy.

Season 5, Episode 12 (“Right Place”)
It looks like Max, Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank), and Ben (Conner Marx) are having a tough conversation with Karen (Debra Monk) and Eric (Peter Grosz).


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