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Sorry Sam, But Dean and Benny’s Bond Was the Real MVP of Supernatural Season 8

Fans have adored the relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester over the course of Supernatural.

The highs, the lows, the fights, the secrets, but above all else, the deep and unspoken love the brothers have for each other no matter the circumstances.

But Season Eight saw a new bromance emerge that rivalled this bond. And shockingly, fans feel that Dean and Benny’s closeness was healthier than Sam and Dean’s could ever have been.

Cast your mind back to the beginning of Season Eight. Dean was in Purgatory and rescued by Benny Lafitte, the rogue vampire who was condemned to the realm by his creator after daring to fall in love with a human female.

He saved Dean’s life and the two became fast friends, gaining each other trust, and forming an unshakable bond. Fans loved Benny. He was strong, reliable, and kept his word. All endearing traits.

Sadly, Sam was not a fan. And when Dean and Benny escaped Purgatory and Sam met his brother’s new friend for the first time, things were awkward to say the least.

What followed was a whole lot of angst, and Dean ultimately choosing Benny over his brother… for a while. There were heavily mixed reactions at the time to this, with fans feeling Dean was wrong to ditch his brother.

When he finally chose Sam over Benny, the audience felt things were as they should be once more.

But since then, Supernatural fans have done some more reflecting on the situation and are of the view that Dean and Benny had a far healthier relationship than Dean ever had with Sam.


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