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Jensen Ackles Explains Winchester’s Multiverse Twist & Supernatural Connection

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is opening up about the multiverse twist in The Winchesters finale. Following the adventures of John and Mary Winchester, the parents of Sam and Dean, The Winchesters promises to feature the events that created the world in which Sam and Dean grew up in. The twist is that the show has never been leading to Supernatural. ​​​Instead, The Winchesters season 1 finale reveals that it has never been in the Supernatural timeline. The show follows another version of John and Mary, while Dean looks on and guides them to a happy ending.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ackles explained exactly why that was case by diving into Supernatural’s timeline and multiverse connection. Check out his quote below:

“It would’ve been a fool’s errand to try and box ourselves in with what had been created on Supernatural. We would be boxed in by that. In order to get our two heroes together and make it make sense in that timeframe, it had to be messed with. And the only way to really mess with that was just to make it a completely separate, alternate thing, which luckily the mothership had established with Chuck [Rob Benedict] when he was like, “I’ve made multiverses, and you guys are my favorite.” So we knew that there was still stuff out there. And then also to tether it to the fact that, oh, if this was a fail safe that Chuck created, how many other fail safes does he have?”

Why A Supernatural Multiverse Works So Well
Dean Winchester staring in The Winchesters
The Winchesters isn’t the first major media production to play with the multiverse recently. Everything Everywhere All At Once, the DC Universe, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have featured different examples of alternate universes and their effect on stories. Given how massive the scope of Supernatural storylines has been, it seems to be a natural fit for The Winchesters to feature a different world in its own unique way.

Supernatural’s lore is so vast and complex that trying to present a prequel that affects the show would be difficult to execute accurately without breaking canon or contradicting existing events. Furthermore, Supernatural also explored time-traveling where Sam and Dean meet Mary and John, which would conflict with The Winchesters had it not been for the latest revelation about the multiverse angle.

The freedom to present new directions for John, Mary, Dean, and Sam offers the show new avenues to explore rather than retreading established storylines. It also allows long-dead characters like Sam, Dean, and Bobby to reappear while retaining the character development and personalities that make them who they are in the original show. While there is no way to know if The Winchesters season 2 will ever happen, the multiverse twist is a good move for The Winchesters and could bring about some fascinating storylines.


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