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Jack Reacher’s Alan Ritchson Wants To Adapt Two Books Into The Series

When the first season appeared to be based on the first novel in the series, it was natural to assume the writers would simply go down the line and choose book two of the franchise for Season 2 of the Amazon series. “Die Trying” would have been an excellent follow-up to the debut season, with him facing a bigger and badder villain.

Where he faced a corrupt business owner, mayor, and other nefarious but ultimately small-time criminals in Season 1, Season 2 would have pitted him against a charismatic leader named Beau Borken. The plot centers around him being in the wrong place at the wrong time (the story of his life) when he is kidnapped by proximity along with an FBI agent who also happens to be the goddaughter of the President of the United States. While Borken wants nothing to do with her in actuality, he does want to use her as leverage to get the president to give in to his demand to secede from the union.

Not only is the villain a more formidable adversary than he faced in Season 1, but the action set pieces could also be bigger. Having an opportunity to pit Jack Reacher against a militia full of zealots following a gun-toting Jim Jones type would be the perfect time to watch him go all out in his action badassery. Not to mention, there is a terrifying scene where Reacher has to get away from his enemy by trying to crawl through a dark cave; as it gets smaller and smaller, you can almost feel the claustrophobia. This would be a great scene to adapt to the screen.


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