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10 Most Useless Chicago PD Characters

From the thug-punching Hank Voight to the marksman, Alvin Olinsky, Chicago PD has plenty of strong characters. These individuals not only have strong arcs all around but also happen to be very likable. However, the same can’t be said of a couple of other recurring characters on the NBC procedural. For a show that has been running for over 10 seasons, it’s expected for some of the secondary protagonists and antagonists to be disappointing. These individuals are either detestable, incompetent, poorly written, or serve no great purpose in pushing the show’s plot forward.

10 Justin Voight Is Nothing Like Is Father
While Hank Voight is fearless, dependable, and overall one of the toughest fictional cops, his son, Justin, is the stereotypical loser. During his appearances on the show, he is shown to be totally careless, to the point where he causes an accident that paralyzes another person and reveals details about his father’s safe to the wrong people. Justin is delusional too as he keeps believing he can have a relationship with Erin Lindsay, yet she is his adoptive sister. Overall, he adds little value to the show’s proceedings. Instead, he deducts from Vought’s appeal since the officer always breaks the law to cover Justin’s mistakes, yet he doesn’t deserve it.

9 Brien Kelton Cares About His Own Goals
In every TV show, there are characters that exist to simply make the lives of the fan-favorites difficult and Kelton is one of them. The Superintendent keeps stepping on toes in his quest to become mayor, and he has a long run doing that before he eventually pays the price. As a lawman, Keleton is of no benefit to the citizens since he keeps covering up crimes in order to make it seem like his district is safe. This way, he gets to hoodwink people into thinking he always gets the job done. Furthermore, all his tense clashes with Voight and other characters end up being for nothing because he gets killed as soon as he wins the elections.

8 Bunny Is A Terrible Mother
No child would want their parent to constantly reappear in their life, especially if that parent neglected them as much when they were younger. Sadly, that’s what Bunny keeps doing to Erin Lindsay, hence establishing herself as one of the worst ever movie and TV mothers. Bunny’s appearances on the show never help push any major plot forward. Instead, she always comes up with problems of her own, hoping her daughter can help her solve them. Even worse is her hostility towards Linday’s foster father, Hank Voight, yet she is not equipped to do a better parenting job than him. It’s always a relief whenever she leaves once again.

7 Ray Price Abides By Principles Of Black Supremacy
Wendell Pierce has played likable characters in some of the greatest TV shows of all time, notably The Wire and Suits but in Chicago PD, he plays the black supremacist, Ray Price. The Alderman goes out of his way to ensure White people are punished, and whenever there is no evidence of wrongdoing, he plants it. Though he is a fictional character, Prince gives the fight against racial discrimination a bad look because he is more malicious than the figures he accuses of being oppressors. His arcs make little sense, specifically his decision to drop out of a Mayorial race and take the fall for a murder his wife committed. Logically, a self-centered person like him ought to look after his own interests.

6 Mike Sorensen Is In The Wrong Profession
Mike Sorensen is depicted as someone who got into the wrong profession, and it’s making him miserable as a result. During his limited appearances, the officer makes a couple of questionable choices such as posting a body cam video on Facebook for likes, something he is clearly aware he isn’t supposed to do. Sorensen is also quick to quit when a sniper begins targeting cops, yet that is just but one of the many hazards of the job. Upon his departure, his absence is hardly felt and so the character has never been reintroduced again as has been the case with others who leave.

5 Denny Woods Has A Senseless Vendetta Mission
Hank’s former police partner, Denny Woods, is part of a hunter-and-hunted storyline that actually doesn’t make sense. After Hank exposes how Woods arrested a wrong suspect, leading to his conviction, the latter gets stripped of his police privileges. He then becomes an internal auditor. What doesn’t make sense is why Woods is allowed to investigate Hank, given his history. The character also does plenty of other despicable things, notably causing Alvin Olinsky to be imprisoned. It’s this very action that kickstarts the events that lead to Olinsky’s eventual demise.

4 Ed Stillwell Keeps Trying To Frustrate Hank
Stillwell is yet another character who doesn’t do much but antagonize the protagonist. Assigned as Hank’s handler, he keeps trying to puppeteer him, something that leads to constant clashes between the two. Stillwell’s position is practically unnecessary since Hank is quite good at what he does and doesn’t need anyone to keep watching over him. The idea of a weak character micromanaging a strong-willed one thus leads to a couple of boring scenes. And in typical cliché fashion, Stillwell is later revealed to be corrupt.

3 Andre Cooper Is Unwanted Everywhere
The rookie officer is part of a racially charged storyline where he witnesses his training officer killing an unarmed black man. His fellow Black officers thus begin resenting him for not doing anything while White officers alienate him for not backing up the accused officer. Given such a strong foundation, fans get high expectations regarding Cooper, hoping he becomes similar to Atwater. After all, the Intelligence Unit is poorly represented, with only one Black officer presented. Unfortunately, Cooper mostly remains a cop with no allies and never gets to do much before being written off entirely.

2 Kenny Rixton Is Only But A Replacement For Ruzek
When Adam Ruzek goes on an undercover assignment, Rixton is brought in as his replacement. Given how little the former Gang Unit member gets to do on the show, it’s a wonder why he was brought in, to begin with. Most of the officer’s scenes only involve joint raids and group conversations at the Intelligence Unit offices. While it’s common for the longest-running procedurals to have filler characters, the failure to grant Rixton a concrete storyline is surprising because he is played by one of the most prolific TV actors, Nick Weschler.

1 Commander Ron Perry Makes Little Progress
Commander Perry is yet another character that’s poorly used in the show. Played by Robert Wisdon, who often gets typecast as an authoritative figure, fans expect the 21st district Commanding Officer to be a major part of the show as soon as he is introduced, but he gets killed soon after. While his death is a sad one, the revelation that he never knew his nephew was a dirty cop is unrealistic. After all, he has eyes and ears everywhere, so much so that he knew everything Voight had ever done before taking up the leadership position at the Intelligence Unit. Because of how poorly he is handled, Perry remains one of the show’s forgettable characters.


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