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This GTA San Andreas remaster concept is what we wanted

The GTA San Andreas remaster released in November 2021 still hurts fans of the original. From incorrect details to major bugs, the remasters that were meant to be a celebration of classics still leaves a sour taste. When news first broke the remasters would be running on Unreal Engine 4, there was hope the games would look realistic for today’s new standard. This was unfortunately not the case as they used the mobile ports as a base.

Unreal Engine 5 concept
The YouTube channel TeaserPlay make concepts in Unreal Engine 5. They take fan favourite classics and see how they would look as a remake or even make their own new game concept trailers. These include The Mandalorian and The Flash.One of their latest videos shows their concept for what they’d like to see if Grand Theft Auto San Andreas got a full remake treatment running on Unreal Engine 5. This video is actually a three-part concept series and the first video is titled Part 1: Los Santos. TeaserPlay say “We decided to make three videos of GTA San Andreas Remake, the next two parts will take place in San Fierro and Las Ventures. We used Unreal Engine 5 to make this video and tried to recreate the huge nostalgia feeling in this game with new gen technology.”

You’re able to see iconic locations, moments and characters such as Grove Street, CJ and so much more. We think the character models are a particular highlight in this video which is a stark contrast to the remaster we got in 2021. It is important to note this is not a real game, it does not function like a game nor is playable. It’s a trailer made inside of the latest engine from Epic Games. The video is also in glorious 4K resolution so you can peek at all the details. Check out the full trailer right below.


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