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Salma Hayek is unrecognizable in throwback photo nobody was expecting

The Magic Mike actress grew up in Mexico and now has a teenage daughter herself

Salma Hayek left fans doing a double-take this week when she delivered a head-turning photo from her childhood. The star was unrecognizable in the image of herself which she posted on Instagram in which she was pulling off a very impressive move. A leotard-clad Salma was leaping into the air and doing the splits and appeared to be around 10 years old. Her dark hair was short and she looked to be concentrating hard on the gymnastics move. Salma shared it in celebration of International Women’s Day and wrote a heartfelt caption which read:

“On this International Women’s Day, let’s challenge ourselves to look back and reflect on the women we used to be, to the women we are today. Post a photo of your younger self, or print one out and stick it on your bathroom mirror, and write to her about how far you have come, and how proud she will be of herself now. Let’s use this time to encourage and empower each other. #IWD2023 #ChimeforChange #internationalwomensday.” Fans rushed to comment and wrote: “I could never guess you could do that, wow,” and, “Can you do the same move today?”

Salma has a daughter of her own, Valentina, who is now 15 and looks so much like her famous mother. The teen displayed a striking new look recently when she accompanied Salma to Milan Fashion Week. Valentia turned heads as she rocked dyed blonde locks that fell over her shoulders. The mother and daughter duo share an extremely close bond, and in 2022 the two appeared together for the first time on the cover of Vogue Mexico and discussed the own secret language they share.

“When we are with more people I like [speaking Spanish] because it’s a secret, because no one speaks Spanish, I speak French with my dad,” Valentina shared. Oscar-nominated actress Salma then added: “I speak to you in Spanish if I don’t want those around you to understand us. In addition, I think it strengthens unity, the family bond, strengthens the bond we have.”


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