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How to Free Maria Renard in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

The Return to Castlevania DLC introduces a lot of new items and missions for players to complete in Dead Cells and Freeing Maria Renard is one of them

With the Return to Castlevania DLC pumping new life into Dead Cells, there’s a lot of hidden content locked away for players to discover and free, like Maria Renard. An iconic character from the Castlevania game series, this young vampire huntress gives players both a new outfit when she is first released, and a new random weapon players can stumble across in future runs.

Like Richter Belmont, she is locked away inside one of the DLC environments, specifically the Castle’s Outskirts Biome. While freeing Richter unlocks a special mode in Dead Cells, freeing Maria does not. Still, the weapon the player gets for doing so is well worth the effort. Byakko, with the item labeled as Maria’s Cat, is cute, vicious, and an absolute joy to run around with. He takes up an equipment slot by sitting on the player’s should and occasionally getting up to wander around and slash at enemies he passes by. He can also be reactivated to deal out a bit of critical damage if the player is in a pinch.

How To Rescue Maria In Dead Cells
Before the player can wield this deadly feline, they need to find and free Maria. First, they’ll need to start the Return to Castlevania DLC and then start exploring around the Castle Outskirts Biome, the starting area. While exploring they might come across the door to Maria’s cell, but they won’t be able to unlock it without a key.

Players will need the Ribboned Key which is around the neck of Byakko, Maria’s white cat. You can find them running around the Biome and is more than likely to jump down in front of the player at some point. To catch Byakko, the player just needs to stay on top of them while holding the interact button, they’ll eventually drop the key.

If the player has found Maria’s cell, they can just go back there. If not, they’ll need to do some searching around, as Biomes are random. It’s not a bad idea to pick up a few other weapons in Dead Cells while searching. When Maria is freed, the player just needs to talk to her to unlock the Maria Renard Outfit Blueprint, and then pet Byakko to get Maria’s Cat.


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