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‘American Idol’ Contestant Gets Revenge in Early Release Audition

American Idol has shared an early release audition from this Sunday’s new episode, featuring singer Amara Valerio. The 20-year-old shared the story of being upstaged while performing at a graduation ceremony for her high school. She went on to get revenge by earning a Golden Ticket from the judges.

Amara Valerio Auditions in American Idol Early Release
At the start of her audition, Amara told the judges about the time she was asked to sing the National Anthem at her school’s graduation. When she started to perform, another student pulled the microphone away from her and insisted on singing the song herself.

Amara even brought a video of the moment for the judges to watch. Last year, she shared the story on TikTok, explaining that she was a junior at the time. Apparently, the girl who wanted to sing the anthem had been told she couldn’t. Amara said she “could not sing. Amara went on to say that the school administration didn’t stop the girl from performing the song after she took the microphone. As judge Katy Perry put it after watching the video, “She just pulled a Kanye West.”

Amara Earned a Golden Ticket for Her Performance
Perry told Amara that she wanted to “feel that anger” during her performance. Meanwhile, Luke Bryan told Amara, “I need that f*cking name,” referring to the girl who took the microphone from her.

Amara went on to perform “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan for her audition. As she sang, the judges tried to guess the mystery girl’s name, guessing everything from Sophia to Samantha. Amara confirmed that the girl’s name started with an S, and Perry correctly guessed Sara. Perry shared a message for Sara, telling her, “You’re finished messing with our girl.” The judges then told Amara that she’s going to Hollywood. You can catch this week’s episode on Sunday night after the Oscars.


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