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3 Reasons We Can All Relate to The Umbrella Academy’s Five

Have you ever had a close person (probably your husband or wife) that you wanted to punch in the face and hug at the same time? For many, The Umbrella Academy ‘s Five Hargreeves comes to mind. Why do so many fans name Number Five, a homicidal cynic, as their favorite character on the show? Many important reasons! Five Is Literally an Old Man Trapped in a Teenage Body

and we all feel that way sometimes! Stuck as his physically 13-year-old self, Five could not be a grumpier old-timer if we ever saw one! Do not tell us you have never felt this way, especially at the end of a looong work day. Five’s Sarcasm Is Why We Are All So Drawn to Him Who does not like a good old sarcastic joke or two when the situation calls for it so desperately? Five has shown us time and time again that witty, antisocial characters can still work (and be fan favorites) even in today’s social climate. Mostly, because we, the nerdy introverts, can relate to them. No shame in admitting it!

Five Is Maybe the Most Devoted Hargreeves to His Family While Five may not be the most touchy-feely of people, but he always does what he has to do to come to his family’s rescue. Remember how he basically made a devil’s bargain with Herb to keep the Handler from killing his siblings? Talk about “family comes first”. Five won the fans over from the start, and it does not look like that is going to change anytime soon. Why should it when the character just gets better and deeper every season?

Looking forward to Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy, many fans are hoping that Five will finally get his long-deserved peace and quiet that he was deprived of in the previous season. We would not really bet our money on it, folks! While it goes without saying that we all want the very best for Five, many would still like to see him in more peace-and-quiet-less scenarios. Come on, Five, we know you still have it in you!


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