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VIDEO: GTA San Andreas looks phenomenal in Unreal Engine 5

There are many iconic games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The series has experimented with different settings and gameplay philosophies in games like GTA Vice City, GTA 4, and others. Despite the abundance of GTA games, few of them had an impact as significant as GTA San Andreas. Over two decades after its first release, fans continue to look back fondly on GTA San Andreas, with many considering it the best GTA release to date.

This adoration for the game has also spurred requests for a prospective remake, and Youtuber Teaser Play has provided fans with a brief preview of one. In the most recent concept, GTA San Andreas is seen running in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks exactly as one can imagine.The character models and locations in this design are highly detailed. The concept includes fan-favourite characters like CJ, Ryder, and Big Smoke, evoking nostalgia in those who played the game when it first came out. The idea also includes venerable train pursuit missions from the past. The atmospheric lighting is a highlight with gorgeous shadows and reflections, similar to other Unreal Engine 5 displays, according to Tech4Gamers. This idea emphasises even more how poorly Take-Two Interactive handled GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas was released in 2021 as part of a remastered collection of GTA games, however, the developer was unable to produce anything even substantially resembling the idea presented above. The GTA Trilogy’s version of GTA San Andreas was not a far cry from what fans had hoped for, and it was filled with a bevy of flaws that only served to add to their dismay. Teaser Play’s premise appears amazing in many ways, but it also has several limitations. Animations are a significant step down from the industry norm, much like most fan-made concepts, although a polished release from a skilled developer might fix this problem.


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