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Spy x Family season 2 not coming in March 2023? Here’s why!

Spy x Family, an anime series based on Tatsuya Endo’s manga of the same name, has captured the attention of viewers from its 2022 debut. We have gasped and chuckled while listening to the tale of Agent Twilight, who creates the fictitious Forger family for a mission, and we are already pleading for more spy-related pranks.

One of the finest feel-good anime series available, Spy x Family has both perilous missions and funny family relationships. Who would have imagined that a family of telepaths, a lethal assassin, and agents would become our new favourite television unit? Unfortunately, Twilight (also known as Loid Forger) still has to save the planet on top of all the endearing anime characters. Fortunately, Spy x Family season 2 has been announced, so fans may return to Eden School. The Forger family’s future may still be a mystery to you despite the excellent news, though. Will Twilight be able to keep Ostania and Westalis, two antagonistic countries, at peace?

Spy x Family season 2 trailer
Crunchyroll will release the first Spy x Family season 2 trailer in December 2022, so keep your covert fedoras handy. While it is more of a light teaser than a full typical season taster, there is much to get thrilled about in the film. According to the teaser, we have a lot to look forward to, including potential love moments, danger, and even a new movie to accompany the next chapter of the comedy series. We see sketches of Loid asking Yor out on a date and the trio boarding a boat for what appears to be their next assignment in the trailer. Anya concludes the teaser by requesting a “family excursion” to the movies, confirming not only the Spy x Family season 2 confirmation but also the franchise’s first animated film. What a thrilling experience!

Spy x Family season 2 plot
There is currently no official plot summary for Spy x Family season 2. Nevertheless, while season 1 of the animated series covers around 37 chapters of the manga, the narrative of season 2 will most likely adapt chapters 38 and above. While it is unknown which chapters of the manga will be adapted for the next season, Anya and the rest of the Forger family will surely be fighting to rescue the planet and earn more Stella Stars in season 2. After all, agent Twilight still needs to spy on the National Unity Party’s leader, cartoon villain Donovan Desmond. The peace between Westalis and Ostania is still in jeopardy! After 20-plus episodes of managing his new family, Loid eventually met his goal Donovan Desmond in season 1. However, he fails to obtain enough information, implying that he will need to get closer to Donovan again in the next episode of the program.

Spy x Family season 2 cast
When it comes to the Spy x Family season 2 cast list, there will be a lot of returning talent. The original voice actors (both for the Japanese and English dubbed versions) will return for the anime’s second season. This implies Takuya Eguchi and Alex Organ will reprise their roles as Loid. Yor will be played by Saori Hayami and Natalie Van Sistine again. Finally, Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman will reprise their roles as Anya, everyone’s favorite telepath.


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