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Sarah Michelle Gellar looks unrecognizable in bikini-clad photo you need to see

The Wolf Pack star looked very different Sarah Michelle Gellar no doubt made her fans do a double-take when she shared an unrecognizable photo of herself on Thursday. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star took to her Instagram Stories to share a frightening photo that saw her face and chest covered in what appeared to be gray ash while wearing nothing but a bikini top and a towel. Her appearance is no cause for alarm, however, as her startling new look appeared to be in aid of a TV show.

In the image, Sarah is lying on her back wearing a long brown wig and gazing up at the camera while a small ring light and a lamp are held over her face. Captioning the disturbing image, she simply wrote: “BTS”, so it’s more than likely that her appearance was in aid of a film or TV role After her acting hiatus, Sarah made her big return to a major TV show in her new Paramount+ series, Wolf Pack. Fans adore the star for her strong leading roles in fantasy dramas like Buffy, so her new character in the supernatural teen drama is a welcome hint of nostalgia for her fans.

The new series tells the story of two teens whose lives suddenly change forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. In the series, which also stars Armani Jackson and Bella Shepard, the Cruel Intentions actress plays the role of Kristen Ramsey, a “highly-regarding expert in her field” who is drafted in to help catch the teen arsonist who started the wildfire that changed everything.

Those who have already watched the show have been sharing high praise on social media. One person tweeted: “The new #WolfPack episode was so good… and it had way more of Sarah Michelle Gellar than the other two. Y’all need to tap in. A second said: “I am really enjoying #WolfPack so far, and it feels so good to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on [TV] I’m still narked the Cruel Intentions series never made it past the pilot.”


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