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Outlander star Sam Heughan issues warning to fans as scammers impersonate him online

Sam Heughan has once again warned fans to beware of scammers impersonating him online. The Balmaclellan-born actor, who has played Jamie Fraser in Outlander since 2013, took to social media to issue a reminder to fans not to trust unverified accounts. The 42-year-old said: “Please be careful on social media. So many scammers. “I will never reach out or message on Instagram/Twitter/Whatsapp/Google Hangout/etc. Or ask for money. Including Telegram!!”

As a final reminder, he added: “If it’s not verified, it’s not me.” This isn’t the first time the Scots actor has been targeted by fraudsters online who try to lure money from his fanbase. In the last few years, multiple women have been tricked into thinking they were speaking to the actor, with one particular fan losing her life savings.A 56-year-old nurse from Florida, Stephanie, told how she too handed over a cash sum of £36,500. The mum thought she had been in an online relationship with Heughan since 2018. Another woman was duped into sending £34,000 after being told the money would be invested in Heughan’s whisky brand Sassenach Spirits.

Heughan isn’t the only actor who has been impersonated online in attempts to swindle money. Duncan LaCroix, who played Murtagh Fraser in Outlander, issued a statement on social media after noticing fake accounts of himself pop up online.


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