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Mindhunter’s BTK killer: His disturbing story, now season 3 seems unlikely

To a collective global shriek of the news was received on 15 Jan 2020 that Netflix had released the cast of Mindhunter from their contracts. It doesn’t mean there *definitely* won’t be a third season, but it does make it unlikely, and if it ever happens it certainly won’t be any time soon. At the end of Mind hunter season two, the status of the Atlanta child murders investigation was downgraded to “inactive” following the conviction of Wayne Williams, who was found guilty of the murders of two adult men and not, as you might have expected, the murders of the young, black, predominantly male victims. We were also told that none of the remaining 27 cases have been prosecuted, and Williams himself continues to insist that he is innocent.

Wayne Williams arrest, Mindhunter season 2
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But things didn’t end there. Before the credits rolled, we were taken to a motel in Junction City, Kansas, where the BTK killer (bind, torture, kill) who we saw in bookending scenes since season one, could be seen admiring himself in a bathroom mirror. He was wearing a white satin slip with lace detail and a printed scarf around his neck. He then took the plastic mask depicting a woman’s face, which we have previously seen him wear, and placed it over his own.


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