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Mean Girls Could Have Been Entirely Different If It Hadn’t Been For This One Casting Change

Mean Girls is a classic movie but one cast change could have made the entire movie something completely different.

Mean Girls is one of those classic, early 2000s, comedy teen films that almost everyone can remember word for word. From the icon that is Regina George’s mum, June George, to iconic catchphrases, such as “it’s October 3rd”, “that is so fetch”, and “on Wednesdays we wear pink”, everything about the film is completely iconic. However, there is a secret about the film that even the film’s cult fanbase might not even know. This secret was recently revealed by Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen in the movie, in an interview. The secret is that there was a casting change in the movie that may have left one cast member not able to sit with the rest of them.

Blake Lively Was Almost Cast In Mean Girls
In the Vanity Fair interview, Seyfried revealed that it was Blake Lively who was almost cast in the role of Karen in the hit movie and how she had initially auditioned for the role of Regina George. Think about how entirely different the film could have been if it had just been for these small, but significant, cast changes.

With Lively potentially playing the role of Karen, it wasn’t even to the point where she had only auditioned for the role. Seyfried later went on to say that she went in to do a reading of Regina, where Lively was playing Karen, and that Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert, who played Cady and Gretchen, were also in the room.

However, obviously, Lively didn’t end up getting the part, and it was after this meeting that it was decided that Seyfried was perfect for the role of Karen. Even though Lively is a popular actress among fans, it’s likely that all Mean Girls fans will agree that Seyfried was the best option when it comes to playing the role of Karen.

Of course, movie and TV show casting directors are well known for making various casting changes right up until they start filming. For example, they initially had Lohan in mind to play Regina, which obviously went to Rachel McAdams. But thankfully, she ended up playing Cady. Naturally, it’s really hard for casting directors, producers, and directors to come up with the right cast for their films, so it only makes sense that many auditions and casting changes would go on with multiple potential cast members until the final cast was eventually revealed.

The Mean Girls Cast Became Iconic
Fans of the film know that it was then decided that Lohan, McAdams, Chabert, and Seyfried ended up playing the four leading ladies in the 2004 hit movie. But, given that, at the time of writing, it has been almost twenty years since the movie first previewed, it’s safe to say that the cast has been up to a lot since then. Chabert was already a well-known actress before Mean Girls, having starred in All My Children when she was younger and Daddy Day Care a year before Mean Girls came out.

However, since the film was released, she has been very busy and has starred in a number of movies; to be more specific, Hallmark movies. This includes films such as The Christmas Waltz and, more recently, Groundswell. Seyfried was relatively new to acting and Mean Girls was her film debut. However, she has definitely grown in popularity since the film and has since gone on to star in many other hit films; such as Mamma Mia, Les Misérables, and Chloe.

Despite her enjoyment of filming, Seyfried was seventeen when filming Mean Girls, and has said that once the film was released, she would get many male fans of the film coming up to her and referencing the more risqué aspects of her character; which would often leave her feeling rather uncomfortable, particularly given her age. McAdams was also somewhat new to the industry when she started filming, and it was her first breakthrough role. However, she did also star in The Notebook in the same year and has more recently got herself involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having starred in Doctor Strange.

Lindsay Lohan Became The Most Famous Mean Girl
Arguably the most famous of the four at the time of filming, Lohan had already starred in a number of films, including Freaky Friday, Get A Clue, and The Parent Trap. At the height of her fame, a variety of scandals led to her stepping down and taking some time away from public life.

Despite her issues, in the last few years, Lohan has been making her comeback into public life and most recently starred in the Netflix film Falling For Christmas alongside Chord Overstreet. It’s safe to say that the four main women of the show have been going from strength to strength in their careers and this is, hopefully, something that will continue over time.

What Are The Plans For The New Mean Girls Movie?
Many fans of the film will know that a sequel, Mean Girls 2, aired in 2011; however, this film had an entirely new cast and didn’t have anywhere near the same reception as the original film got.

Despite this, both Lohan and McAdams have said that they would love for there to be a sequel to the movie and that this time, they would like for it to star the original cast. However, given that it was revealed that another movie is in the works, fans might be feeling disappointed to learn that none of the original cast will be featured in the latest adaptation.

Tina Fey, who was one of the writers and also starred in the original film, adapted the film into a Broadway Musical that premiered in 2017. This musical has now been adapted into a musical movie, with a whole new cast, and will air on Paramount+. So whilst it doesn’t seem like a movie with the original cast is going to be in the works any time soon, given that at least two of the main cast have previously said they would love to return to the film, fans can only live in hope that this will one day become a reality.


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